The Purpose of a Human Resources Consultant: A Comprehensive Guide.

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Hiring a human resource consultant is an important step in taking your business to the next level. It can help you as the business owner focus on what’s really important and avoid getting bogged down in the minutia of day-to-day work. You may be familiar with some human resources management companies such as Korn Ferry or Bain and Company and have wondered what all can they offer me? Human Resources Consulting businesses make sure the businesses that you manage are in line with local and national laws and can help prevent you as the owner from lawsuits. Listed below are some of the most common services and benefits provided by an HR consulting firm.

What is a human resources consultant?

Imagine for a moment that you wanted to start a clothing business. As you enter the workforce you have fun making new designs, meeting new people, and seeing the money you earned start to come in from your passion. After a while, however, your business starts to become a burden because the time that you’d like to spend designing has turned into time spent answering emails, dealing with employee misbehavior, managing your website’s cookies and necessary cookies. 

Human resources consulting has slowly become one of the most important jobs in our busy, modern world. From big cities like New York City to tiny rural towns like Dullstroom, South Africa there are companies reaching out to HR consulting firms for their expertise. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t sure what exactly these human resources consulting companies do because it is actually quite complex what all they do. 

Because Human Resources can cover so many different areas of a business, I am going to break down each branch of human resources, and what they do. 

The Major Branches of HR Consulting Services

Because Human Resources can cover so many different areas of a business, I am going to break down each branch of human resource, and what they do. 

1. Recruitment and Staffing – This human resource branch helps a business in all aspects that relate to hiring. It aids in a growing interest in the position, selecting qualified candidates, interviewing those candidates, hiring them, and helping them get settled into their new position. This also means that when an employee leaves a company, HR professionals will work with them as well. This branch may also make an employee handbook, which outlines the duties of new hires.

2. Compensation and Benefits – In charge of managing and organizing all aspects of how employees are rewarded for their work. This person may handle finances, bonuses, salaries, incentives, and gain information on the overall satisfaction of pay. Making these things a priority in your business can boost employee engagement by having hr support.

3. Employee Relations – This role includes coaching, conflict resolution, counseling, discipline, leadership.

4. Learning and Development-  Consistently training and developing the skills of the employees is essential to maintaining a relevant business. Using new information and resources helps a business get an edge over its competitors. 

5. Labour Law, Compliance, and IR – This field of human resource management is responsible for managing the rules and regulations concerning labor laws, and workers’ unions. These groups are knowledgeable of the rights of both the employees and the employers and make sure that harmony exists between workers’ unions and the employers. They also ensure that information about the employees’ rights is easily accessible, and make content or posters visible to the employees.

6. Culture and Satisfaction – This human resource rep is often the employees’ favorite, as they are invested in making work a fun place for the employees. Their duties can range from creating fun and pleasant workspaces with food and drink options, or to larger companies finding out what sort of on-campus recreation or services the employees are most interested in. They are responsible for taking surveys with the employees about what things they wish they could change about the work environment and implementing plans to keep those employees satisfied.

7. Safety – Consultants who work to ensure that job sites, substances, and conditions are safe for employees to work with. They also make sure that resources are available to employees for counseling, mental health, preventive health, and more. They also make sure that employees are protected from other employees and outside threats. For example, if an employee put in a complaint that they were being threatened by another employee, HR could resolve the problem before it happened to save both the employee and employer from hazardous employee relations. If there is an HR need 

What does it take to become an HR consultant?

It isn’t easy becoming an employee for an HR service. Being a human resources consultant usually requires higher education and normally will require at least a Bachelor’s degree in human resources, organizational leadership, or a similar field. 

A valuable employee for a human resources consultant organization will exhibit talent and have expertise in organizational behavior.


In conclusion, hiring a human resources consultant can provide a lot of upfront value, as well as ensure that you as the business owner protect yourself and your employees. Making sure that you hire the best employees around can ensure that your business stays profitable and doesn’t have to waste time or resources on quick job turnover, lawsuits, health hazards, and unpleasant workspaces. It is an investment in yourself and in your business, that usually rewards you much more than you put in. For example, paying a yearly salary to an HR outsourcing company could be much cheaper than spending millions on lawsuits. 

If you want to learn more or need some help hiring an HR Consultant, My Smart Search has connections with hundreds of viable and experienced HR experts, who could be a perfect match for your business. Start your HR transformation today.